Bike Fitting

Custom Fits

  • Custom Bike Fit – $399.99
  • Custom Bike sizing – $59.99 

Traditional bike fitting approaches (tool kits, articles, etc.), are based on formulas and key measurements. Typically these systems fit the rider to the bike. Our System is a program that addresses each person on an individual basis taking into account each person’s anatomy, flexibility, range of motion, and riding style thereby fitting the bike to the rider.

We take bike fitting a step further by employing body alignment principles learned from biomechanics and flexibility. By assessing imbalances and misalignments in the body we can establish good alignment and determine the range of motion of the body. These two principles are used to diagnose each person’s flexibility level and alignment problems to determine the “best fit” for them on their chosen bike.

A GOOD FIT program completes the bike buying experience. Armed with the knowledge of how to properly size a bicycle to a complete body fitting, this program helps to ensure that we can address the full spectrum of a rider’s needs in a confident and professional manner. Proper bike fitting provides the customer more enjoyment, safety, efficiency and comfort on the bicycle. As bike fitters, our commitment is to address each person with an open mind to determine their personal bicycle and fit needs. It may take a couple of visits to the shop to get the fit perfect as change in position and bike type will affect your feeling of comfort. As your fitness and flexibility improve, your fit may change? We will move slowly with changes in your bike sizing as we deal with your muscle memory. Changing too quickly can increase the chances of injury. This is an ongoing process which will improve your overall enjoyment of your bike.

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Smack Cycles uses the Fit Kit bike fitting system.